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World Circular Economy Forum 2024

WCEF2024 Accelerator Session: Insects-based solutions for a circular bioeconomy 

Time: 18 April 2024 at 14:00-15:30 CEST (UTC+2)Place: hybrid – Premises of the Mission of the Republic of Serbia to the European Union, Boulevard du Regent 53, 1000 BRUXELLES, and online, via ZOOM

The session presented innovative ways to biodegrade waste using insects and larvae. In Serbia, experiments were made to biodegrade plastic, mainly styrofoam, using the brood mother of Tenebrio molitor larvae. In South Africa, black soldier fly larvae were tested for reducing organic waste. Both larvae also provide alternative protein-rich animal feed. In Lesotho, laboratory experiments validated the merit of using tsie-balimo (“elegant grasshoppers”) as a natural insecticide. Video recording will be uploaded soon…

Speakers at this session were:


Larisa Ilijin, Institute for Biological Research Siniša Stanković: Tenebrio Molitor Larvae for Biodegradation of Plastic in Serbia

Simone Smit, UNDP South Africa: Black Soldier Fly for Biodegradation of Organic Waste in South Africa

Neo Matsoso, UNDP Lesotho: “Elegant grasshoppers” powder as a natural insecticide in Lesotho

Moderator: Ana Mitić-Radulović, UNDP Serbia

OrganisersUNDP Serbia, Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Mission of the Republic of Serbia to the European Union, in partnership with other UNDP Country Offices

For more information, please contact Ana Mitić-Radulović (

This webinar was an accelerator session at the World Circular Economy Forum 2024 ( WCEF2024 is guided by the latest scientific evidence on the most impactful circular solutions and explores how to turn them from theory to action. The Forum was held from 15 to 18 April in Brussels, Belgium, and was organised by Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund, produced with Circle Economy Foundation and the International Resource Panel, in close collaboration with international partner organisations.

At the WCEF2024, UNDP Serbia also hosted an Expo Area Stand at Square Brussels, on 15-16 April 2024.

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